Points of view

The poor old corrugated tin church in Bailbrook Lane ( see nearby stories) isn’t the only historic structure in this city in need of some TLC.

Former Conservative councillor Bob Goodman is concerned about the current appearance of the old Storthert and Pitt factory facade facing Lower Bristol Road.

Here’s his recent tweet on Twitter.

Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 10.16.20

He told me: ‘I tweeted on this building at the weekend and have had massive support. I know the building well, l surveyed the building seven years ago – the inside is horrendous. I want to preserve our heritage … soon they will say it’s not economic.’

Bob said the only negatives online he’d had were from a developer and some people not of his political persuasion.

Well, of course, it’s the Lib Dem group who now run B&NES, and l have had a response to your concern from the Deputy Leader of the Council, Cllr Richard Samuel.

He told me:

‘The current position – as relayed to me by officers – is:

The former crane hall is part of the current Bath Quay South project and will be delivered under a lease to the workspace operator TCN.

Under the lease, they are now due to commence the refurbishment of the building in July for completion of the listed works by June 2021 to tie in with the occupation of the office and meet our planning conditions.

You should very shortly see some real action on this element of works as TCN have now appointed their contractor to commence. This will see the building’s restoration and it brought back into beneficial use.“

I am surprised former Councillor Goodman was unaware of these plans as a former Cabinet member and disappointed that he felt unable to ask the administration for the answer to his query.’

Editor’s Note: I am but a mouthpiece for your points of view.