Bath’s tin tabernacle.

A change of direction this morning as l wanted to share one of Bath’s more unusual architectural features with you all.

It was a perfect sunrise to be making my way across the lower slope of Solsbury Hill and following a public footpath that leads through to Batheaston.



I am sharing some of the shots with you.




Shame about the fly-tipping. I noticed a child’s buggy and the packaging from a child’s car seat. Makes you wonder how that youngster is going to be raised?


Welcome to our throwaway society!





  1. The tabernacle is such a lovely structure. The tower is a particularly nice feature and not that common- as you say it was a ‘deluxe’ model. I believe the owner lives in the Snow Hill flats now- if you ask around in Bailbrook someone will know. He is quite a colourful character by all accounts. As the structure is both listed and unmortgagable someone will need a lot of cash! My experience on working on another was the metal sheet was fine but the timber elements were a write off at ground level. But hey, given the current climate maybe we should dismantle Beckfords Tower, sell the materials and rescue this cutie instead?

  2. Our lovely local late 1880s tin tabernacles in Swineford, Bitton was the Swineford Congregational Church and after languishing derelict for many years has been reopened as a very successful nursery school.

    1. No l don’t and would also like to know. Would also expect it to be quite an expensive job to renovate but would make great community space.

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