Oh yes, we will?

There’s no news yet on the future of this year’s Theatre Royal Christmas panto but, obviously,  without real support or … More

Back to business

The American Museum & Gardens has chosen July 4th – Independence Day – to reopen its glamourous exhibition, Night and … More

Pop’s Cafe

I hope l don’t come across as a scary bloke? Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson has sent me a ‘May … More

Andy from Donegal.

I am out walking – and talking – for the first time in a few days – thanks to an … More

A spot of bother.

Let’s help put a smile on your faces this morning. Former founder member and artistic director of Bath’s Natural Theatre … More

Let’s eat alfresco.

Temporary outside seating pods to help re-opening pubs, cafes and restaurants do business are being considered by Bath & North … More

A different path.

Decided to take a different route today. Again an early start to avoid the heat. Sunrise was wonderful. SORRY HAVING … More

One final point….

We’ve had some lively correspondence on Bath’s connections with those whose fortunes were enriched as part of this country’s role … More

It’s cool to go early.

With temperatures due to rise today l really appreciated getting out and about very early. Brought out the muse in … More

Happy Anniversary.

June 25th this month will mark the 20th anniversary of the St. Stephen’s Millennium Green Grand Opening in Bath’s Lansdown … More