Passing clouds.

You had to be up early today to see – and feel – the brief ‘watering’ our gardens got from some passing clouds.


All had quickly passed but l thought the overhead ‘decoration of heaven’ was rather beautiful in its own right today so forgive me but today’s pictorial offering is more about sky than earth.







  1. Thanks Richard, your sky photos are lovely as well. Keep them coming please. Jim Canham

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    Great photographs, both here and in previous posts!

    Here’s a modern haiku to go with the clouds! 🙂

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    one of the clouds I name
    after an animal

    Alan Summers
    Scope Vol 62 No 1 February 2016
    (journal of the Fellowship of Australian Writers (Qld) Inc)

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        I just wanted the opportunity to say how much I’ve appreciated all the different aspects of this blog! I’ve enjoyed your blog, and historically the glorious days of HTV too!

        deep bow,


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