Good golly, Miss Molly.

The passing of the legendary Little Richard has got Rob Draper thinking.

The recent death of the never understated “Little Richard” made your correspondent wonder if he had ever played Bath? 

Turns out he did in 1964, at “The Pav”. A little before the time of the now ubiquitous cameraphone so difficult to track down any live footageif any exists at all… 

Whether the global might of ‘Bath Newseum’ might succeed I don’t know… Get on your dancing shoes, this is the sort of thing you missed! 

Anyone remember? Or take a photo? The image used above came from © Wikipedia

A big thank you to Caroline McGinn for pointing out this YouTube posting

She told me – on Facebook :”” Yes, Little Richard really did play in Chippenham
GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY Amazing, It made the hair stand on the back of my neck! Poor sound, but watch till the start and hear why Rock & Roll was EXCITING! and…


  1. Hi Richard…Yes I was there and photographed him. I was a photographer with the Bath Chron from 1957 until 1968 so the Monday night shows at the Pav were my regular assignments- As a jazzer I tended to sneer at pop things! i The one that was sizzling hot though was Ike and Tina Turner with the Ikettes! Cilla was friendly and helpful, and the Animals played on the night their House of the Rising sun became No1.
    Sadly though, all the picture library and negs from the Chron were ditched in a big ski, I discovered to my cost when I made enquiries for a book I was planning. Oh well..! I do have some Chron bses pics on my blogsite though..

    1. Wow Geoff. Wonderful memories and such a shame all your hard work ended up in a skip. Got a feeling a lot of the archives from my old firm have disappeared too.

  2. Ironically, later, when i was writing on Technology at The Times i was writing about the advent of the “paperless office”,,,the irony is that still some days i can’t see the bottom third of my screen for paper!

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