A VE Day memory.

Over the telephone from Weston super Mare my sister has just told me that 75 years ago today my mother climbed the pole carrying the sign of her parent’s pub – the Lamb Inn at Worle – to shout and wave for joy.

My beautiful picture
In mum’s day, the pub was a George’s Brewery Inn but the pole is the same.

Ann points out that she was three months pregnant with her and is grateful she didn’t fall. So am l – and my other two sisters!!

My beautiful picture
My sister as the May Queen – aged 14!

Some pics from today’s warmer walk. I met a jogger and thanked him for making space for me. ‘Thank you for the pictures’ – he said.

What a start to my day. Meeting someone who follows Bath Newseum at 6 am in the morning!


Forget me not.




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