Ask the family.

Bathscape – the local organisation that protects and promotes the city’s natural and green surrounding landscape has come up with a great idea to get young people busy And communicating with their elders!

Bathscape’s Volunteer Coordinator Julia Kanmnaby writes:

“I work for Bathscape. My colleague, Lucy Bartlett, suggested I get in touch to see if you could promote the above activity on your blog.

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We’re asking youngsters to help us tell the story of Bath through time by interviewing older relatives that grew up in the area.

Did your grandparents or other older relatives grow up in or around Bath? We’d love you to interview them and find out about their childhood.

You could do it in person (if they live with you), on the phone, over Skype, however, you like. Just let us know what you found out. You could film an interview, or write it down, make a poster or draw us a picture and send a photo.

This can, of course, be done via phone, video call, etc to adhere to social distancing.

Details are here:

It’s a nice little project for different generations to get involved with!”

Pleased to pass that idea on Julia.