Make your own museum.

Bath is rightly famous for the number and variety of museums it can boast but all – at this difficult time – are closed to visitors.

However, in the meantime, how about creating your own museum at home – and win a prize for doing it.

The Museum of Bath at Work has organised an online competition for youngsters to ‘curate’ their own special collections of things they might have and win a special behind-the-scenes guided tour of the real thing – once restrictions ease.

Here’s the information they have sent:

Do you collect anything? Have you a special set of things you are proud of and look after? If yes then you are halfway to making your own museum in your own home! 

While at home you could use all the skills we in museums use to show and tell people you know about the things that you treasure. If this sounds difficult don’t worry we have created a simple set of notes which you can download on making your own museum and you can call yourself Curator. 

Don’t forget- as the instructions say- to put the opening hours for your museum on the door where you are to display your collection. Otherwise, visitors will be turning up at all hours!

If you take some photographs of your museum and send them to 
Museum of Bath at Work, Julian Road, BATH BA1 2RH or

We will choose the best one and there is a prize! Which is a special behind-the-scenes guided tour of the Museum of Bath at Work by the Curator Mr Stuart Burroughs for you and your family followed by tea and biscuits.


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The museum has put on a direct link  – –  where you can download your own fact sheet to help you set things up!