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OK. So, l said l would lay off the visuals from my early morning walks!


Trouble is – whatever the weather – l cannot help but bring out the smartphone for yet another shot.



This mornings selection reveals my growing obsession with power and telephone cable carrying posts.


Like exclamation marks on the landscape.


Oh – and a lonesome road shot to end with!




  1. Don’t apologise. I’ve been putting up a daily tweet with pictures and videos and I know that a lot of people who can’t get out at all – whether self-isolating or shielding – are waiting for views of the countryside. I’m amazed at the number of hits I’m getting. I think pictures like ours are actually providing a service for many, especiall those without even a garden to give them access to the outside.

  2. Thank you for today’s post Richard…your early morning photos are lovely (including the posts) …..please continue. Jim Canham Sent from my iPhone


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