A walk on Wednesday.

Out even earlier today, on my walk into our nearby countryside, and rewarded with a not-very-good shot of a deer.


By the time l had found the zoom button – and then looked for him through the viewfinder – he had bounded across the field and was gone.





Found a rabbit on the horizon washing his hind paw and said good morning to some fine looking cattle. Makes a change from sheep.



I leave these here – just to uplift you as yet another day – in our restricted lives – gets underway.



Let’s give thanks for the continuing good weather and for all those working on the front line – who don’t get much of a chance to relax and enjoy what’s around them.



Nice to have an instant response. Local historian and book publisher, Kirsten Elliott took to Twitter to say:

I hope people who can’t get out at all enjoy these posts.
It must be terrible to be cooped up in a flat in town, and perhaps, due to shielding, not be able to get out at all.
Like Richard, I’m sharing pictures of my daily walk to give you a glimpse of the countryside in Spring.’
It’s a good point you make Kirsten.
If these are appreciated by those of you unable – for whatever reason – to step outside, then l hope you enjoy them.

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  1. Thank you, Richard, I’m much enjoying your early morning walks!

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