Putting Nature first.

Took a real camera on my early morning walk this morning – though not one with a telephoto lens.


A bit of a shame because l actually spotted some rabbits today and heard – but did not see – a woodpecker.


Getting away from the rat race really does give you a chance to appreciate the world around us.


An environment benefitting from us NOT being around.


Am l being pessimistic in thinking that – although l would love things to change – we will eventually return to the same old self-centred, money-grabbing, environmentally insane world?


What does it take to change us for the better?


I can’t answer that one – but enjoy the photographs of one little precious corner of rural Bath for what they are.





  1. Richard, I hope, like you, that après lockdown, we will not return to the bad old ways, that more people will appreciate the simple things in life, and nature, and will come to realise that if you mess with nature and the environment, there will always be a price to pay, often an unacceptable price. Your daily blogs are an invaluable asset to this city. Best,



  2. Richard
    Thanks for very interesting information and pictures daily. But today we were pleased to see the picture of the set of trees over Lansdown. These trees are visible from our conservatory at the back of Warminster Road Bathampton. These are viewed daily and we tend to call them our trees. Keep up the good work Ian and Mima Guy

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