At your service

Thanks have come from Bath & North East Somerset Council to its suppliers for continuing their services during the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and an alert to a scheme that will help them to continue operating during this challenging time.

The supplier relief scheme, supported by Government, is being offered to companies which supply goods and services to the council to ensure that essential services for residents continue.

The council is working with its suppliers to help them to keep operating in the normal way wherever possible and is offering support via the relief scheme on a case-by-case basis, including faster payments, contract alterations and time extensions.

Suppliers are asked to get in touch with their usual council contact to agree on a way forward if they are concerned their usual level of service will be affected.

Councillor Richard Samuel, deputy Leader, said: “We are lucky at Bath & North East Somerset Council to have a reliable and cooperative range of suppliers who are working hard to maintain services to residents during the Covid-19 outbreak. This is a challenging time for us all in which we all have to work together to meet the demands of our communities.

With support from the Government, we are able to offer our suppliers access to a relief scheme that we hope will make it easier for them to continue operating normally. I’d encourage any suppliers who have concerns to get in touch with us – we are here to help you.”

In line with Government guidance, the supplier relief scheme is initially available until June 2020.

Examples of the support available may include:

  • Accelerated invoice payment
  • Increased frequency of invoicing
  • Payment in advance or on order (not receipt)
  • Redeployment of any currently unrequired services capacity to other areas of need
  • Change to contract requirements including an extension to current agreed end date
  • Change to delivery locations, frequency and timing of delivery
  • Changes to targets and performance indicators
  • Extension of time for contract performance
  • Revised milestones or delivery dates
  • Payment at usual contractual rates for certain critical services with analysis and reconciliation at a later date

Suppliers should email to enquire about the scheme in the first instance.

More updates on council services during Covid-19 can be found at