I’ll stay on to see this through says heritage chief.

Bath Preservation Trust CEO, Caroline Kay, will now not be stepping down from her role in July – as she had originally intended – after 13 years at the helm of the city’s heritage watchdog organisation.

She has told Trustees that she will stay on – in the midst of the forced closure of all its publicly-accessed historic buildings – ‘to see this (difficult period) through.’

In a statement – issued to Bath Newseum – she told me:

‘We go into spring with all four museums closed for the foreseeable future, with the majority of our staff ‘furloughed’, all our volunteers ‘stood down, and with very real anxieties about survival.

home working
Caroline’s working from home – in spite of distractions from the family cat!

The closure of the museums represents an almost total loss of income and even a prudent reserves policy cannot stand up to maintain activities for an indefinite period.  Anyone who wishes to donate to us or support in any way, however small, is asked to help.

However the good news we do still survive:  in our online communications, we are looking at ways of using the museum collections online to brighten people’s lives and assist them in home-schooling their children: we are sending out house-related ‘jobs for the weekend’ to suggest ways we can use our time at home to do those maintenance jobs we never get round to, and the planning system continues to consider and determine planning applications, so the part of BPT that acts as a guardian of the built city will continue its important work.

We also will continue to progress the Beckford’s Tower project as best we can.

Across Bath meanwhile, air pollution has fallen and the streets and surrounding countryside, in their deserted state, lend themselves to photography on your daily walk like never before.

We would encourage people to stay in touch in relation to planning matters on conservation@bptrust.org.uk and via Twitter and Instagram: we are still taking queries and comments online and are happy to be alerted to issues in people’s neighbourhoods. Those interested in the museums can keep in touch with the individual museums’ Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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