Help make history.

Good morning Bath! Well, I’ve been given a new task in writing and recording podcasts for the online version of The Bath Magazine, and now the city’s Record Office has come up with a great idea for all of us to put pen to paper or spend some time in front of a computer keyboard.

We live in extraordinary times. We are part of history and we are making history.‘ says Bath Record Office, and they would like you to record it!

Here’s the idea they have posted a link to on Twitter:

There are, and will be, official histories of world events that will be accessible to all. But what most interests people – historians, researchers, children, adults, students, everyone – is how these events affected ordinary people.

We invite you to record your experiences of these times now, as it happens, rather than in retrospect. Everyone’s experience is relevant, and we will all have different ones. We’d like you to record how you were affected – your family, travel, work, school, exams, shopping.

How your everyday life changed as this crisis is ongoing. Everyone can take part – from the youngest to the oldest.

Once life returns to normal you will be able to send your diaries to us so that we can preserve them for future generations and if you have digital content you will soon be able to upload it to our website.

We will take in material in various forms – handwritten or electronic diaries, sketches, photographs, videos, and songs. If you have any questions, please email us at

Please see this document for guidelines and suggestions for compiling your diary. You must be a resident of, working in or studying in Bath & North East Somerset.”

Image: LLO/1/1 – Sydney Lloyd’s firewater’s diary 1940-42