Our little patch of land stays green

Two hundred objections from local residents –  and help from local councillors and ‘big guns’ like the city’s heritage watchdog – Bath Preservation Trust – appear to have saved a little patch of green belt from being sacrificed for housing.

We now know a planning officer for B&NES has ruled a proposal to build 18 ‘affordable’ homes on a finger of agricultural land between Deadmill Lane and Ferndale Road at Larkhall  is considered ‘inappropriate development in the Green Belt and should be refused.’

Screenshot 2020-03-18 at 12.44.18
The ‘good news’ seen online.


The officer, Tessa Hampden, met many of the objectors when she visited the site a few weeks ago.

Tess Hampden (with the orange scarf) talking to local residents.

Two hundred people had gone online to register objections. They were concerned about the loss of Green Belt – and agricultural land which forms a wildlife corridor – plus the additional dangers of access to two notorious ‘rat runs’ into Bath.

The land that would have been built upon.

Permission would have set a precedent as the first section of Green Belt around this World Heritage city to fall to the developers.

The objectors had the support of their local councillors – Cllrs Rob Appleyard, Joanna Wright and Sarah Warren – AND Bath Preservation Trust. We thank them all.


  1. Richard, thanks for posting this. The final decision has not been formalised as far as I can see. These are very positive recommendations for refusal though. Regards, Richard Clist

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