Now wash your hands.

Morning Bath. How lovely to see the sun today – and a wind-speed more bracing than blow away.

Daffodils at Alice Park

Well, l thought the new Bath-based ITV detective drama – ‘McDonald and Dodds’ – was enjoyable enough – apart from the over-done accents. Best thing on that channel for a while – though had forgotten how the commercials drag things out!!!

Recent filming off Kingsmead Square.

Going to be good for the city, and we need more home-grown tourists to top up the fall in the number of overseas visitors. Fuelled by all this virus stuff l suppose.

On that subject. Bit of a run on hand gel. Chemists and supermarkets either have bare shelves or are rationing the stuff

I paid £6 in Boots for two 50 ml bottles that usually cost around 75P! It’s being rationed too – to two bottles per customer.

How is everyone else getting on? Has anyone come up with a home-made recipe for a hand cleanser that doesn’t cost a fortune.

At that price – make it last!

On a positive note, this is making us all think about hygiene a bit more. Did l hear on Radio 4 that, to get the handwashing time right, you should sing the first verse of the national anthem before you rinse? I wonder how many still know it!

There is an alternative. Two renditions of Happy Birthday to You!

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  1. You might want to reconsider your purchase, anti bacterial hand gel wont work on killing a virus , need alcohol based products at 60% so I have been advised. However physical washing is good, the WHO have a good video.

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