Disappearing footpath.

A spectacular picture of the River Avon in flood – taken by Bath Newseum follower Davina Ware.

Sending it on to me, she makes the following observation:

Other parts of the riverside have fencing or vegetation to delineate the water’s edge and much publicity and money spent on making it safe. 
But this part of the river is especially dangerous when the river is in spate….which is fairly common in winter. 
Oblivious developers have lowered the original footpath at this point and forsaken safety for their landscaping of the riverfront walk masterplan. 
I can’t get a decent photo of this at night, but as you can imagine the poor lighting enhances the danger.’
It may be the footpath is meant to flood Davina. I know that little grass-stepped inlet was designed to act as a storage tank for flood water.
It’s called a scoop and local film company Sunflower Newsroom made a film explaining how it would work.
Here’s the link to it

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