One coat should do it!

Well, it’s all happening at Bath’s Guildhall with skilled painters at work inside and out!

Here’s hoping they might do the reception area – it’s dark and dire!

There’s a bit of spring cleaning underway at the Assembly Rooms too. With one of the twice-yearly chandelier inspections and cleaning underway in the ballroom.

No Dell Boy chandelier jokes here please.

They are exquisite and valuable examples of cut-glass and  London made Georgian decorative hanging lights. Chandelier comes from the French for candle – chandelle -and from Latin candela, from candere meaning ‘be white, glisten.’


I finish this quick whip around the city with a novel way of using a rubbish bin in Sydney Gardens.


While – though the rising sun was against us – l snapped a queue of university students at a Grand Parade bus stop.


It’s a sign of the times – l suppose –  that many were glued to smartphone screens rather than chatting to the person next to them. They are not alone. We are ALL doing it these days.