Putting ‘light-jumpers’ in the picture.

Today l have received an email from a local follower of the Bath Newseum called Conrad Eades. He writes:

“I don’t know if it’s appropriate to run campaigns through your Bathnewseum forum, but have you ever considered running anything on the perennial gripe of Bathionians – inappropriate use of traffic cameras.

I raise this topic as I live just off the Gloucester Road, and I can’t help feeling that there will be a nasty accident at the junction with the London Road (opp the Bath Rugby training ground).

The Gloucester Road junction with the London Road. No vehicles in these images were breaking the law!

Over the years I have seen countless cars and lorries jump the lights on the London Road, resulting in the occasional near miss with cars pulling out from the Gloucester Road.

There seem to be a plethora of cameras in spots designed to trap unwary drivers (the Bath bus gate generates a number of letters from tourists vowing never to return), but cameras at these light might actually prevent a serious accident.

The traffic lights on the London Road at the junction with the Gloucester Road. None of these vehicles pictured were breaking the law.

Is it a case of waiting until someone dies before a camera can be justified?”

As a cyclist who often uses this busy junction l can also bear witness to the light jumpers. What do other people think?

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