What’s this then?

It’s not just historic Sydney Gardens itself that’s going to be ‘revitalised’ in the next couple of years. As part … More

Keeping a watchful eye

Always sad to see yet another tree disappear from the cityscape. Rail-side clearance through Sydney Gardens has included the removal … More

Fast(er) track!

Thanks to Anne Love for pointing this story out! Speeding up rail journeys and more seats?! Bath Spa to London … More

The star that found me.

A short story for the Christmas season from Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson: ‘ Years ago, when I worked in … More

Know where to vote.

I want to stay out of defined politics on this website but happy to help ensure you do vote! More … More

It’s a wet one.

Choosing a selection of images for today – while l hear the rain lashing against my windows! Mayor’s Guiding duties … More


Good to see one of Bath’s European friendships represented in our annual Christmas Market. Marian McNeir sent me a photo … More