The star that found me.

A short story for the Christmas season from Bath Newseum regular Terry Basson:

‘ Years ago, when I worked in Paddington London, only a stones throw from Portobello Road.

In my lunch hour I wandered into the market looking for some inspirational Christmas presents. Nothing seemed to fit the bill when, casually, I spied a cardboard box under a market stall.

I asked the stall holder if I could pull the box from under his stall.

                 ‘Sure, sir take a look’

It had bits of disinterest other than an old iron and glass star in need of some TLC.  It sort of found my hand as I pulled over the rest of the tat in the box.

“How much is this old star mate –

                    Oh, give me a fiver for it !”

That was 30 years ago. I took it home and repaired much of the rotten ironwork and replaced some of the old dark green glass.

 Goodness knows how old it is, yet each run up to Christmas, it speaks out to me when I enter the garage. “ Terry it’s that special time for you to light me up once again “

With careful tender reverence, I take it from its resting hook and dust and check it over.

I hang it in my outside shack that I built from skip wood steals. It remains alight to welcome the ghosts of Christmas past, into my festive dreams.’

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