Pete’s streets!


With something like six million day visitors a year, there’s no doubting that images of our World Heritage city have been spread around the globe – via myriads of mobile phones and digital cameras.

But that’s an ‘instant’ look at Bath and l have been to talk to a man who spends two to three hours ‘capturing’ each of his views of the city on canvas – and in all winds and seasonal weathers too.


Peter Brown’s been creating scenes of Bath for 26 years now and his latest exhibition of over 100 new oil paintings and drawings opens at the Victoria Art Gallery on Saturday, November 30th and runs through to February 2nd, 2020.


This is a man who uses the street as his studio. Most of the works on display feature Bath but there are scenes from some far flung places where he has also set up his easel.


While the gallery team worked around us to set up the exhibition, l asked Peter where his ‘Pete the Street’ nickname came from?

Most of the works on view are for sale.

Running alongside the main exhibition is Sally Muir’s The Dog Show. Sally – daughter of the late Frank Muir who was a veteran comedy writer and broadcaster – has had dogs all her life and , for nearly as long, has drawn and painted them.


In 2013 she launched her Dog a Day project on Facebook, posting her dog art daily.


Sally has lived in  Bath for nearly 30 years. In 2017 a book of 365 of her dog portraits was published, A Dog a Day, and is available in the gallery shop.