Parkside Centre saved.

B&NES Council has withdrawn its plans to demolish the former Parkside children’s centre in Bath and a consultation on future uses for the building has been promised.

The planning application to demolish Parkside and extend Charlotte Street car park, creating 104 additional parking spaces, was withdrawn last week “as alternative proposals for this building/site are now being considered”.

Historic England and the Bath Preservation Trust, as well as local residents and charity organisers, had opposed the demolition of the former World War Two communal kitchen.

Children’s Services teams from Parkside Children’s Centre and 117 Newbridge Hill have already moved into nearby 12 Charlotte Street.

City Centre Councillor, Sue Craig (Lib Dem, Kingsmead) commented:

“I’m pleased the Lib Dem Council is showing its commitment to listening to residents and putting them first. Over the last year, the strength of local feeling about this building and its role in history has become apparent. Local people do not want to see Parkside flattened to make way for more parking spaces, especially given the problem of toxic air pollution in the city.

“Cabinet members have assured us that there will now be a consultation on the future uses of the building. Part of the space may be used for a new base for our hard-working street cleaners, but we are determined that at least part of the space should be returned to the people of Bath as a community asset. Already residents are coming forward with suggestions.”

Fellow Kingsmead Councillor, Andy Furse (Lib Dem), added:

“As ward councillors we are pleased that this decision will allow continued valuable use for this historic building in Bath. Once a war time kitchen, its part use for the street cleaners’ base and other community use will serve residents better than further car park spaces planned under the previous administration.”