Lights, camera, pay up!

Bath seems to have been one of the most popular location filming spots in the tv and film world this year.

Doesn’t see, that a day goes by without some area being blocked off – or an historic building taken over – while the actors do their thing.

Spot the blacked out window in the Guildhall where another film unit are at work.

While it’s going to be great to spot our own locations when these dramas hit the big and little screens, l am a bit ambivalent when it comes to how the city. benefits from the disruption.


I take it they all pay a fee for filming – which will of course aid private businesses and museums chosen as locations – but l wonder if a better way of ensuring the community generally profits might be to ask film companies to contribute to some local urban improvement.

It’s the way into what is the city’s Town Hall!

With all the filming in the Guildhall,  might l suggest they pay for the steps into this 18th century Grade 11 listed building to be re-grouted?

Or there’s a couple of parapet stones on the Laura Place fountain that need putting back, after a car knocked them off.

More damage on the Laura Place fountain

What do you think?


  1. Surely, the fees paid to the council help to keep our community charge down so we all benefit.


  2. Yes, having exploited Bath’s fantasy aspects for their normally very soppy films, the movie companies could help out with the town’s realities by perhaps helping the town’s more than somewhat un-photogenic homeless rough sleepers, or just contributing to the cost of getting rid of the wretched sea gulls.

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