Disappearing seat located!


It used to be one of the best photo opportunities in Bath’s historic Circus – maybe Britain’s first roundabout and certainly the most impressive Georgian residential development in the city.

There used to be a bench – perched on the edge of the circular lawn with its five giant London Plane trees – and looking down Gay Street. Seat your partner upon it, then get behind and take a shot looking down the hill.

Here’s where it used to be.

Then suddenly – it wasn’t there. Turns out repeating, late night rowdy behaviour – around said seat – was too much for the local residents association who asked B&NES to take it away.

Now Bath Newseum has been approached to find out what happened to the seat. Seems it had been donated and even had a memorial plaque upon it.

The view soon after Christmas. The seat has gone!

I had heard a whisper the Council’s Parks Department had taken it to Victoria Park and put in a call to the Guildhall.

Confirmation came today with the following official comment:

“Yes, I can confirm the bench was relocated to the play area in Royal Victoria Park. This was following consultation with the Circus Residents Association.”