Bath campaigners to join massive London protest.


Hundreds of campaigners from Bath will be travelling to London on October 19th to join in the big ‘Final Say’ march being held that day.

Eight coaches from our city will be among more than 170 bringing hundreds of thousands of protestors from across the UK to take part – including one from the University of Bath – and many others will be travelling to the capital by train.

News that Parliament will be sitting for an emergency session on the same day as the ‘Together for the Final Say’ march makes this protest even more important because it will be an occasion when everyone – not just politicians – can make their voice heard.  Local Bath MP Wera Hobhouse, a strong anti-Brexit voice, had originally planned to join the march but will now be sitting in Parliament.

It promises to be one of the largest protest marches Britain has ever seen, with people coming together to tell Boris Johnson that he cannot inflict a hard and destructive Brexit on the UK without seeking the people’s democratic consent in a final say referendum.

As well as from Bath and the South West, the coaches will come from as far north as Inverness in north Scotland (554 miles) and as far south as Truro in Cornwall (283 miles). Dozens of coaches are coming from areas that voted to leave in 2016, including: Lincolnshire, Derby, Darlington and the Welsh Valleys.

To coincide with the march, the People’s Vote campaign has launched a new social media campaign, giving people the chance to change their social media profile pictures to an animated graphic saying, ‘I Am Will’ and ‘I Am Marching.’ 

Bath for Europe supporters at the 'one million march in March 19. Credit Clive Dellard
Some of the Bath contingent who attended the last big protest in March.

Emma Knaggs, Chair of Bath for Europe said:  

‘For more than three years, hard-working activists and campaigners here in Bath and across the UK have been running street stalls, delivering leaflets, and making the case for a People’s Vote to settle the Brexit issue once and for all. Now we are coming together in London to demand our voices are heard. Boris Johnson needs to hear loud and clear he must seek our consent before he inflicts his damaging Brexit on our country.’ 

The ‘Together For The Final Say’ march on 19th October will be a huge democratic moment for our country as we say loud and clear that, whatever you think about Brexit, the only clear way out of this mess is to give the people the final say.”

The 19th October march, from Park Lane to Parliament Square, will begin at 12pm.

People can sign up for the march on 19th October here: 

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Photo credits: Joao Diniz Sanches and Clive Dellard.




  1. Having watched a Remainer House of Commons spend three years attempting to ignore, delay or otherwise thwart the 2016 referendum result it found inexplicable – who in their right mind would want Britain to leave the Brussels Empire? – I’ve come around to thinking that a second referendum (or a third, given the first was in 1975) would be advisable, because many of the 33,577,342 votes registered in the 2016 plebiscite might not have been made by actual people. Some might have been household pets, ghosts or aliens from other galaxies.

    Every household, of course, should be sent a full copy of a draft exit treaty; it will be a mere 500 to 600 pages. Voters should be asked (because some of us might not be terribly bright) to provide proof that they’ve read it and understood fully each and every one of its consequences. Let’s hear it for democracy … again!

  2. The people were asked in 2016 to vote in the referendum to leave or stay in the E.U.
    There was nothing about a deal on the ballot paper.
    The people voted in larger numbers than has ever been recorded in this country and the majority voted to leave.

    Those that voted to leave have been branded old, stupid, racist, and every kind of insult and abuse that the remainers could think of, now they are demanding a losers vote, with hand wringing, hair tearing, and toys flying out of prams all over the place.

    For Gods sake you lost, get over it and get on with your lives.

    It appears that democracy is dead in this sadly un-United Kingdom and parliament is a joke.

    The British are generally a placid people, we have always obeyed our masters and towed the line without complaint, but I shudder to think what will happen in this country if the democratic vote taken over three years ago is somehow overturned.

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