Not good enough Bath.

This is a picture – l am afraid – that says it all about Bath at the moment.

It cannot go on trading on its Roman remains and Georgian architecture – and social history – without spending some money on the city’s fabric.

How ironic that this symbol – which represents Bath’s World Heritage status – should look the way it does.

We share the honour with Venice of being the only two Europeans cities completely covered by this UNESCO accolade.

Is this really good enough for a World Heritage city?

It’s growing grass and set in the midst of a  ‘cobbled’ surround that has gaping holes and not much mortar between its joints.

The other side of the Roman Baths the Guildhall step’s show how much B&NES cares about the look of what is the city’s town hall.

The steps leading up to the city’s town hall.

Across the High Street there continually more mess on the pavement because rubbish is not being left in proper bird-proof bags.

Traffic is enforced but not the full about bird-proof bags.

I want to finish with the negatives before at least praising one new development.

Why is this taking so long when traders are suffering as it is.

I feel so sorry for traders in The Corridor. Still no sign of work starting on repairing the glass roof. At this rate the scaffolding will rival that which has surrounded the old Corn Market for years! God knows how much the scaffolding companies make on this – and why shouldn’t they?

An opportunity for a flower bed seems to have been missed so far?

There’s still no evidence of a re-planting in the raised beds opposite the One Stop Shop in Manver’s Street where – behind – still no sign of work re-starting on that mega Indigo Hotel project.

When is work re-starting here?

It still says opening soon on the web site which is taking bookings for March, 2020.

We want traders not pretty views.

My final winge is why anyone would think filling the windows of empty shops with views of Bath would look nicer?

The ultimate in window dressing and prospective tenants cannot event check out the space within.

At this rate, it will be ALL pretty views and no High Street.

We know our city is beautiful but our High Street currently isn’t so scenic.

Looking lovely.

Now for the good stuff.

Caught blacksmith Robert Smith still at work in Parade Gardens touching up the  paintwork on the amazing new bandstand surrounds that talented artisans from up and down the country have provided.

Robert Smith at work.

On the roof is the musical ball constructed after Robert and his wife Carol helped lots of local schoolchildren forge the musical notes that make up its structure.

A whole new look for a beloved Parade Gardens feature.

The bandstand is looking wonderful.

The steps leading up to the bandstand.


It’s official opening comes – as part of Bath Festival – on Sunday, may 26th with a special evening of music.

Screenshot 2019-04-24 at 14.32.15


Chatting to Robert l heard that although the hardwood flooring is sound, the edges have been taking a bashing.

It’s the edging that needs repairing.

They didn’t have the spare cash on this IronArt project to do more than the balustrade but it would be great if someone would like to come forward to sponsor having the floor edges repaired.

Let me know if you can help.



  1. If the council was run chiefly by councillors who at the very least represent town seats, instead of rural areas, it might be somewhat more in touch with the slum the centre has become in recent years.

  2. It is not just a question of the areas councillors represent, but also of where they themselves live.

  3. The problem is that the City of Bath is controlled by Councillors from what was Wansdyke. Bring back Bath City Council.

  4. I’ve been visiting Bath for many years and have seen all sorts of changes: Southgate Shopping Centre, the bus station on Dorchester Street, the rise and fall of the Podium Shopping Centre, Thermae Bath Spa etc…. I loved the individual shops (better than London) and kept returning year after year because Bath was simply special. But in recent years (from 2012 onwards) things have changed: empty shops, empty restaurants (Bea’s Vintage Tea Shop to name just one) and litter everywhere. How can a beautiful city be treated like that? It makes me sad.

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