Paul ‘grows’ art from his garden​.

An exhibition of the recent work by sculptor Paul Juillerat is to be on display at the Museum of Bath at Work from March 31st to June 30th and is entitled Totem – Factotum. The exhibition consists a collection of new sculptures made in 2017 and this is the first time they will have been seen in public.


All the sculptures have an element of found objects- collected over a number of years from the artist’s garden and surrounding area.  Paul Juillerat lives in a former inn – The Old Crown Inn (also known as the Brassknocker Inn) on Brassknocker Hill in Bath.

The garden has a unique setting and contains the detritus of over 350 years of discarded history – including clay pipes, bottles and even musket balls!

In collaboration with the Museum of Bath at Work, the collection of sculptures have been put on display amongst the reconstructed engineering and mineral water factory of Victorian businessman J B Bowler.


Museum Director Stuart Burroughs said ‘We were aware of Paul’s work beforehand through his exhibitions and there seems a clear connection between the form of his work, the subject matter and the historic source of some of the elements incorporated in the sculpture.

Paul suggested having the items on display among the display we have and they not only stand out as additions but enhance the displays at the same time!’

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