At a ​time​ of cuts – new bus route for Julian Road?

As bus users in Bath brace themselves for more cuts in services – are we about to see a new bus route passing through Julian Road?

Jenny Noad writes to tell me:

I walk to work along Julian Road and opposite the vets/newsagents there is a very handy bay where you can park for free for 30 mins to visit the laundrette/co-op/vet/Happy Days garden shop. I couldn’t believe it this morning when I saw BANES cones stopping cars from parking there due to a NEW BUS SHELTER being installed!
The limited parking lay-by​ in Julian Road. Photowas taken​n by Jenny Noad.
Firstly, I have never, even seen a bus go along Julian Road, secondly a new bus shelter means a new bus route? With temperatures rising about impending bus cuts, (the 6A is being cut up the hill to my house in Fairfield Park) so a new bus route would enrage me!
The no parking notice. The photo​ was taken by Jenny Noad.
Also, does that mean you have to park and pay now for just popping into the shops above ! I took photos if you want to see them! Thought you may know about this and could offer clarification! Sorry, I feel like Mrs Angry on a Happy Friday day 🙂
However, it seems we do have buses using that road.
A spokesperson for B&NES has told me:

“There are bus services running along Julian Road, and have been for many years. There are bus stops at regular intervals along the road.

Eastbound – Service 20C runs hourly to Bath city centre and University of Bath, service 701 runs hourly to Bath city centre and Oldfield Park, and service 700 runs four times a day to Bath city centre

Westbound – Service 20A runs hourly to RUH and Twerton, service 701 runs hourly to Sion Hill, and service 700 runs four times a day to Bath city centre

Full information on these and other buses is available on . Real time information for these and most other buses in Bath is available on a smartphone app – full details at .”

Also, please scroll down through the comments below and you will learn more. Thanks to Virginia Knight and Arnold Root for their contributions.


  1. The Wessex 20A and 20C circular bus routes have been running hourly along Julian Road for as long as I can remember! No need to call anyone to check, just look on the brilliant UK Bus Checker app!

  2. What about the Wessex Buses circular no 20? It doesn’t run very often, so possibly it doesn’t coincide with your routine. Don’t be tempted to use Christ Church’s car park as it gets locked at random times (some spaces are rented out so it is important to keep those free, and there was an awful incident when a hearse couldn’t get up to the church west end for a funeral, because a car had been left there for days on end).

  3. Another change to Julian Road is the ‘cycle route ahead’ sign opposite the bottom of Northampton St which appeared a month ago. I’ve no idea where the cycle route is. And it would be good if a shop were to replace the former McColl’s which has been empty for several years now.

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