Oh what a Circus!

The things you see when out on your weekly Mayor’s guiding duties.

I am a member of the Mayor of  Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides. A group of nearly one hundred volunteers who show visitors around the city and don’t charge a penny! No tips either!!

Some of the Bath visitors l was showing around the city.

Tuesday is my morning and – with 28 people in my group – we set off to walk up to the Royal Crescent and The Circus and back.

Some hate it –  and some wait with great curiosity to see how the Saw Close will look after the completion of the Casino development and the re-fashioning of the open space in front.

The fencing is coming down in the Saw Close

Pedestrians have to keep watch with all the disruption of through traffic in this area.

Up in the Circus our Bath guests got a real taste of what its like to live in the Circus. We witnessed the delivery of a Bath – to a top floor bathroom – where a window has had to be taken out to allow a crane to lift the tub and push it through.

There’s only one way in and it isn’t cheap!

Have they ever done that with a grand piano l wonder.

A close up of the bath being delivered.

Shoppers today never talk about seasonal vegetables – produce can be flown in from around the world – so that we can eat everything at any time of year.

Christmas is a coming in.

Looks like that’s happening to our annual festivals too with Christmas beginning to appear on our streets even before the kids have had time to say boo to an October goose at Halloween.

Christmas in October.

For parents with young children the lengthening hype is going to make counting off the days even more excruciating.

Maybe they will start producing Advent Calendars that begin on October the First!

PS OK. l know – all part of the MacDonald’s Christmas commercial being filmed in Bath. Today – Wednesday – the trees have gone. Missing them already.


  1. Richard, I saw them filming here a short time before you got here and the tress were to give is a Christmas feel, the sound man told me they were filming the MacDonald’s Christmas commercial.

  2. I saw on Wednesday (October 9th!) that Bristol’s Christmas lights had been put up already. If they are up for months on end, they might as well save themselves some trouble and leave them there all year round!

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