We are still open!

The American Museum at Claverton Down.
The American Museum at Claverton Down.

The American Museum at Claverton Manor is keen to let people know that it is still open – despite the fact that Wessex Water are busy excavating in the area. I have taken the following note from their website which gives details of access. More information available by going to http://americanmuseum.org/visiting-us

We are still open!

Wessex Water is currently working on Claverton Hill. In order to undertake this vital work, part of the road has been closed and there is no access to the Museum from the A36 (Warminster Road) up Claverton Hill. Visitors who approach the Museum from the A36 should divert up Brassknocker Hill and along Claverton Down Road. Diversion signs are in place. Visitors to the Museum are still able to approach from the Bath direction, turning right at the University and passing the Bath Cats & Dogs Home.


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  1. Am forwarding this to Ainslie as she works part-time at the American Museum. She’s away this week but will be pleased you are helping spread this tip, Richard. I use Brassknocker Hill myself and the queues have been horrendous so I’ll be glad when WW have finished. Am I missing something in the title for this – ‘4655’ ?? Sally 🙂 http://www.FACEBOOK.com/BathWithSally.CitySecrets Sally Helvey – 07836 25 25 69 …& follow the crowd to Bath’s ClevelandPools.org.uk


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